I feel happy when I’m with my daughter, Tilly. She makes me laugh a lot and being around here fills me with joy and reminds me what is truly important in this world.


Hector was a very happy shoot. I love the director, Peter Chelsom and had a great time with him. We always had fun and kept things enjoyable, even when we were filming the more difficult scenes in South Africa. I feel very lucky to have the job that I have. Happiness is the true measure of success.


There is a Greek island called Kefalonia which I try to get to every year. I have great friends there and feel truly relaxed and happy in there company. I also like to snowboard and love to go to the Alps every winter. One of my ambitions is to snowboard on Mount Fuji. I hear the snow up there is amazing.


I love music and probably couldn’t pick one single song that makes me happy, because there are so many. I love the Beatles, when I was in Tokyo, Edgar Wright and I went to a bar and saw the Japanese Beatles play. They were amazing. That was a very happy night.


I think she is an amazing actress and a wonderful person. I love working with her and hope very much to work with her again. She’s awesome!


I’m not like Hector at all. I think I’m much more in touch with myself than he is. I do love the scene when Hector is talking to Jamilla on the plane. It’s such a moving scene and the actress who played the part, give a great performance. I also loved the dictum that Hector learns from that scene, ‘Listening is loving.'


You have to trust that things will get better and that unhappiness is simply a prelude to being happy again. Unhappiness helps us understand what happiness is. Without darkness, you cannot know light.

Q.今回、この作品に出演を決めた理由は何ですか? また出演作を決めるポイントについてもお聞かせください。

Usually it’s two things, the director and the script. I am a fan of Peter Chelsom and was excited to work with him and I found the script to be charming and sweet and the opportunity to something which challenged me as an actor. When the script and the director are both appealing, it’s always an immediate, yes.


Salt and Sweet because true happiness is an understanding of the sweetness and the bitterness in life. If life is too sweet it becomes boring and sickly, if it is too bitter, you become unhappy. A mix of the two gives you variety and perspective and enables you to appreciate everything.


Ha ha ha. Tom isn’t really like that. He’s very respectful and wouldn’t ever make such a demand. Tom and I are good friends and when you get to meet the man behind the myth, you realise that he’s just a person, trying to make his way in the world. It just so happens that ‘his way’ is becoming an international movie star.


‘Elbow’ Which is the English word for the joint in the middle of your arm. It’s a very beautiful word in the English language and I love it. I actually really like the sound of the Japanese language. If I watch a Japanese film, I will always watch the subtitled version, rather than one which has been dubbed into English. Films such as Akira, Spirited Away and Ponyo are so much better with the original Japanese voice cast.